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Title: Kakusei

Artist: Kou Takamura

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A surprise morning kiss!

Quick stress relief fanart. Man, needa get back in shape so that I can continue on drawing my loooong overdue commission ; ^;

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by い ぬ こ

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(x) ~ Shikaino

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ino is a sort-of superhero for the local children (especially girls) around her area since she always stands up to the bullies and gives the victims these cute flowers with some really inspiring words like “you’ll grow up beautiful one day and i’ll be with you all the way” and “watch out kid someday they’ll all bow down to you” and they all look up to her because she is a badass and confident person and she always has time to play with them ALWAYS and they like being around her because she always smells so pleasant probably from spending around the flower shop a lot and she is also intelligent so she answers all of their questions straightforwardly and HYEAH

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and wilt away is the cycle of life. the world is a graveyard.

(part of idk some kind of a supernatural serieswith random ino ships because that thing with neji earlier has been niggling at me. oni!kimimaro seems appropriate. as with woodnymph!ino.)

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for everything

ino week, day 3 : friendship

great friends are a treasure and there is nothing better than taking on the world together. also IT’S STILL 8TH JULY SOMEWHERE AM I RIGHT.

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ino week, day 4 : love

is forever, isn’t it. even if you have to come back from the dead. 

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dianoetic replied to your post: lucifersempai replied to your post: e…

i am just imagining one of those shoujos where the girl “summons” a demon and the demon falls in love with her


in which ino tried to summon demon!sasuke because she found his picture in one of those weird old…

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Urg. I give up on this one. o_o Too hard, or I don’t know. I might come back to it someday. Face turns are not my thing.

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For all sasuhina fans!


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BLEACH x Nagi no Asukara crossover. =w= ♥

I really loved Nagi no Asukara, it had such a sweet story, amazing music, the characters grow on you and boy, talk about a love polygon, haha. It had some interesting plot twists, the ending was great and my favorite couples ended up together. *happy* …Which made me think that some of those relationships (and the who-chases-who part) could fit for my fav Bleach characters…so there you have it. ^^

(In NagiAsu, characters who come from the sea, all have blue eyes - and here Ulquiorra is the only one coming from the surface, so he’s the only one with his original eyecolor.)

Bigger fullview @DevArt: http://luleiya.deviantart.com/art/Aquamarine-469255043

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Would you ever do a one-shot of Sasuke, Hinata and Kasai again?


For Anonymous.

They were on the ground together in the corner of the room, her in his lap, arms wrapped about his torso, and face buried in his shoulder. Her body trembled as she sobbed, tears wetting his shirt, as he breathed, and stared blankly into the darkness of the…

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